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Eight Advantages

1.Enterprise Advantage

1、Founded in 2004, one of the founding companies in the industry.

2、It is located in Jiashan, Zhejiang, adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou, with convenient transportation.

3、The registered capital is 35 million RMB.

4、It covers an area of 26,000 square meters and a building area of 23,000 square meters.

5、The industry's first finished curtain production line.

2.Branded Advantages

1、Passed GB/T28001, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

2、Private custom core positioning.

3、The main honors include: “Top Ten Brands in China's Curtain Industry”, “Famous Brands in China's Curtain Industry”, “Top Brands for Users in the National Curtain Industry”, and “National Innovation Leadership Brand”.

4、CCTV advertising cooperation brand.

3.Policy Advantage

1、Four send:
(1)Send samples, do not spend money on the sample: according to the first batch of funds, the highest 200,000 samples;
(2)Send decoration, free image store: According to the store area, the maximum subsidy per square decoration is 600 yuan;
(3) Send the materials: according to the first batch of funds, the highest delivery 10,000 yuan opening materials package;
(4)Sending an annual return: according to the annual task completion rate, the highest 3% rebate.

2、Four free:
(1)Free event planning and team support;
(2)Free store design;
(3)Free home guidance;
(4)Free design, installation and sales of all-round training.

4.Marketing Model Advantage

1、1to1 help mode: National preparatory sales and service center, stationed in the consultant sales team to achieve one-on-one personal assistance to agents.

2、Curtain 3D design software, better help curtain sales, improve the signing rate.

5.Price System Advantage

1、Main private custom curtains,Mainly in the mid high market.

2、Provide more product value-added services, allowing users to have a great value experience.

3、Formulate an agency and distribution price system to allow agents to obtain reasonable profit margins.

4、Strict price protection mechanism to prevent confusing goods and terminal prices.

6.Product Advantages

Created a pattern of sporadic orders, suit craft, standardized production lines, and fast supply of finished products in the industry.In China, the first complete curtain chain sales system was launched.

1、A number of national patent technologies.

2、Signed a famous European designer, led the design team, and spread the attitude of European life.

3、Provide full-room private custom-made, one-stop solution to the needs of home curtains.

4、Be the first to launch a trial service,Let first users try and then buy,create a differentiated route for products and experiences.

5、Products are sold to North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

7.Quality Advantage

1、Pursue the concept of development with quality reputation.

2、The product quality is strictly required by export standards, and it has been rated as “China Green Environmental Protection Product”.

3、The clean rate, gram weight and environmental requirements of our fabrics have reached the best standards in the industry. The clean rate of our fabrics has exceeded the standards of export to Europe and the United States.

4、The research and development of new products is 100% inspected, and it is put into production after reaching the standard.

5、The production process is the best in the whole industry. It is produced by the suit process line. The product has to undergo 4 quality inspections before leaving the factory. In order to reflect the beauty of the stitches and increase the tightness of the sewing, the side of the curtain is equivalent to the threshold of the suit. Look straight and smooth; the seams of the seams are all covered with a seam and then edging. Use the best accessories with the brand name "Brand Guarantee, Durable".

8.Service Advantage

1、Free disassembly and repair of curtains for life.

2、Free design, WYSIWYG.

3、Free installation, professional installation specifications.

Latest Information

10 practical tips for dealing with curtain problems

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-08-22 

When friends choose to make curtains,

Don’t forget the actual situation in the room,

Many friends eventually choose the curtains they like but not fit the room.

In fact, after finding the style you like,

Compare the following ten points,

It can effectively prevent unsuitable curtains.


If the space above the window is small, select hidden track instead of curtain rod.

Building a house now, in order to expand the window,

The wall above most windows is very narrow.

When the height of the wall above the window is less than 15 cm,

It is not recommended to choose a curtain rod.

First, the installation location is not enough.

Second, the upper edge of the curtain is easy to expose.

Hidden tracks can effectively solve these problems.


There is no open space on the window, no curtain heading

Many of the open windows of the apartment are in the upper position.

There is not enough front and rear space for window opening.

If you make a curtain heading, it is not easy to open the window.

At this time, the candidate drape is more practical than the curtain heading.


It is not easy to choose too long curtains when the wall is low.

The so-called short stair is that the curtains are lifted below 2.3.

Such a lifting frame will have a chunky effect on the wall curtains.

It seems that the entire wall is crowded.

Curtains in the mouth or just over the mouth will reduce the pressure.


Uncertainty of several layers of curtains to leave 20 cm curtain box

The curtain box was made when the ceiling was made.

Maybe you haven't decided to make a few curtains at this time.

Then leave a curtain box of 20 cm wide.

To avoiding there is no place for a 2 layers curtain or adding a layer.

Or thick curtains are squeezed by the box,

The shape is destroyed and the effect is poor.


Open rod installation for splicing or eversion

Curtains with heading look good,

However, the installation conditions are still limited.

Unless it is a three-layered pole with a curtain rail,

Otherwise it is not recommended to make a curtain heading.

The effect is not as good as the hidden track.

It is recommended to choose an eversion shape or stitching.

Like a curtain heading that can be pulled,

The effect is also very good.


For the curtains often pulled, please choose pleated curtains

The curtains in the form of art circles are very effective.

But it is not as durable as pleated curtain in load-bearing.

Pulling it up is not very smooth,

It is easy to see that the bottom part of the curtain is still very good.

While the eyelet part is broken during the frequent pulling.

Pleated curtains do not have this type of problem.


For blackout curtains, select those with blackout wires instead of blackout coating

In fact, this principle is very simple,

Blackout wires is a kind of fiber,

While blackout coating is a kind of chemical material,

When the curtain is heated by the sun

It is much safer and environmentally friendly to have blackout wires.


People who are respiratory sensitive do not choose fluffy curtains


This may be common sense that everyone knows.

We are easy to be attracted by the fluffy feeling when choosing curtains.

The fluffy soft feeling is so good.

And the velvet is more luxurious.

It’s just that health is more important,

Especially for infants who are sensitive to the respiratory tract or skin,

It is still recommended to choose other materials.



Sunshine window selection, flax yarn, no glass yarn

The role of the gauze is to protect the floor furniture.

Prevent sunburn of indoor items and protect privacy.

Therefore, the curtain is a consumable,

Glass yarn is known for its fine yarns.

But the weakness is also that it is often easy to break under strong light.

Flax yarn is relatively thicker than glass yarn.

Although rougher but more durable.


If there is remaining materials, it is good to make a cushion

Curtain fabrics are generally woven by frame.

It is inevitable that there will be some surplus material left in the production.

Most of the time, the remaining material is too small to be used.

But if the remaining materials is big enough to make something,

It is recommended to make a square or round cushion.

Putting on the bed or sofa, it will decorate your furniture.

It is also very useful for leaning.

  • Business invitation/sales hotline:
  • National/service hotline:
  • Fax:0086-573-89115199
Address:No. 2, Dongxin Road, Tianning Industrial Park, Jiashan, Zhejiang



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