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Eight Advantages

1.Enterprise Advantage

1、Founded in 2004, one of the founding companies in the industry.

2、It is located in Jiashan, Zhejiang, adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou, with convenient transportation.

3、The registered capital is 35 million RMB.

4、It covers an area of 26,000 square meters and a building area of 23,000 square meters.

5、The industry's first finished curtain production line.

2.Branded Advantages

1、Passed GB/T28001, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

2、Private custom core positioning.

3、The main honors include: “Top Ten Brands in China's Curtain Industry”, “Famous Brands in China's Curtain Industry”, “Top Brands for Users in the National Curtain Industry”, and “National Innovation Leadership Brand”.

4、CCTV advertising cooperation brand.

3.Policy Advantage

1、Four send:
(1)Send samples, do not spend money on the sample: according to the first batch of funds, the highest 200,000 samples;
(2)Send decoration, free image store: According to the store area, the maximum subsidy per square decoration is 600 yuan;
(3) Send the materials: according to the first batch of funds, the highest delivery 10,000 yuan opening materials package;
(4)Sending an annual return: according to the annual task completion rate, the highest 3% rebate.

2、Four free:
(1)Free event planning and team support;
(2)Free store design;
(3)Free home guidance;
(4)Free design, installation and sales of all-round training.

4.Marketing Model Advantage

1、1to1 help mode: National preparatory sales and service center, stationed in the consultant sales team to achieve one-on-one personal assistance to agents.

2、Curtain 3D design software, better help curtain sales, improve the signing rate.

5.Price System Advantage

1、Main private custom curtains,Mainly in the mid high market.

2、Provide more product value-added services, allowing users to have a great value experience.

3、Formulate an agency and distribution price system to allow agents to obtain reasonable profit margins.

4、Strict price protection mechanism to prevent confusing goods and terminal prices.

6.Product Advantages

Created a pattern of sporadic orders, suit craft, standardized production lines, and fast supply of finished products in the industry.In China, the first complete curtain chain sales system was launched.

1、A number of national patent technologies.

2、Signed a famous European designer, led the design team, and spread the attitude of European life.

3、Provide full-room private custom-made, one-stop solution to the needs of home curtains.

4、Be the first to launch a trial service,Let first users try and then buy,create a differentiated route for products and experiences.

5、Products are sold to North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

7.Quality Advantage

1、Pursue the concept of development with quality reputation.

2、The product quality is strictly required by export standards, and it has been rated as “China Green Environmental Protection Product”.

3、The clean rate, gram weight and environmental requirements of our fabrics have reached the best standards in the industry. The clean rate of our fabrics has exceeded the standards of export to Europe and the United States.

4、The research and development of new products is 100% inspected, and it is put into production after reaching the standard.

5、The production process is the best in the whole industry. It is produced by the suit process line. The product has to undergo 4 quality inspections before leaving the factory. In order to reflect the beauty of the stitches and increase the tightness of the sewing, the side of the curtain is equivalent to the threshold of the suit. Look straight and smooth; the seams of the seams are all covered with a seam and then edging. Use the best accessories with the brand name "Brand Guarantee, Durable".

8.Service Advantage

1、Free disassembly and repair of curtains for life.

2、Free design, WYSIWYG.

3、Free installation, professional installation specifications.

Latest Information

Congratulations to Bujiadi for winning the honorary title of “China Top Ten Curtain Brands”!

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-08-22 
In September 2016, Bujiadi won the “Top Ten Curtain Brands in China” with its strong corporate strength, excellent product quality and extensive brand awareness and influence in the nation's top ten curtain brand research activities. On the honor list of many well-known media websites:
Brand Network "China Top Ten Curtain Brands":
China Building Materials Home Network "China Top Ten Curtain Brands":
The evaluation of the top ten brands is based on multiple dimensions such as independent brand, industry influence, regional influence, brand purchasing power, brand activity, brand influence, social responsibility, internationalization, growth and innovation. Finally, the top ten brands in the industry are ranked. The entire selection process is open, transparent and fair, giving the award an absolute authority and credibility. For more than ten years, Bujiadi has always adhered to the development concept of “Quality First, Honesty, and Serving the Masses”. With excellent product quality, it has been recognized by the industry and consumers. This time, it won “China Top Ten Curtain Brands”. The honorary title can be described as deserved. This glory is not only an affirmation of Bujiadi's long-term efforts, but also an incentive. In the future, Bujiadi will continue to work hard to build a first-class brand!
  • Business invitation/sales hotline:
  • National/service hotline:
  • Fax:0086-573-89115199
Address:No. 2, Dongxin Road, Tianning Industrial Park, Jiashan, Zhejiang



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